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quinta-feira, 3 de abril de 2008

dude, this is my journal, you see, it's blank.

It’s weird how people behave… have you ever noticed that when you’re doing an imitation of somebody you don’t like you just do it in a high and irritating voice?.. People don’t notice that... they use the most irritating sound that could come out of a person just to symbolize how much they hate the one’s they are referring to.. I simply hate listening to this kind of thing. You know, if you hate the sound, it’s better not to reproduce it. Tanya’s voice was not very pleasant to hear. Since I first met her, she is always complaining about her problems, or about how much she hates someone and such stuff. You see, I don’t really like her, but I have this problem, this inability to simply say or show to someone that I’m not very interested in friendship… I never considered Tanya my friend, well, maybe a little in the beginning… she was kinda cool, you know, apart from her voice… her voice has always annoyed me, but I’m not the kind of person who refuses a friendship because of a simple thing like someone’s voice… but it really get on my nerves!! What drives me mad is that she can’t just talk about a happy thing, ever! She is forever talking about sad and depressing points of view of other people’s lifes and of her own. And the clever thing is, in the beginning she was very positive and a good companion to everything… I kinda liked her, she seduced me and then, BANG! she turned out into this boring person that I have to share my flat with.
I was not in the mood for talking this morning and, in a very unpolite and intimacy-invading way, she entered my room crying very loudly. I don’t like her , I don’t like her voice and obviously I don’t like the sound of her crying… it’s a weird thing. I get really scared and I don’t want to be around when she is one of these moments. Thank God, the telephone rings just in time! If it was ten seconds later, she would have already dried her tears in my jammies and that sort of thing that annoying and totally nonsense people would like to do. It’s funny how wrong you can go on judging someone, first I thought she was cool, but now it’s obvious to me that she’s not. I bet I would be better now if I had chosen that extremely shy girl from work to share a living. I’m sure she would be exactly the opposite of Tanya, but it’s too late.
It was a misunderstood call, but I pretended I was very interested in the conversation, then I just told her I had to leave for a work-related thing and she didn’t answer… Weird, especially coming from someone like Tanya.In the end I just ran away and stayed out all morning..
by me :)
p.s.: a foto não tem nenhuma relação com o texto :)