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quinta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2008

4o capítulo do livro em inglês

não tinha nada pra postar, vai isso mesmo!

4 (Hampstead)
I don’t know why my parents get so surprised when I arrive. I visit them often. At least, more often than James, Tom or Jade. I’m a blessing, they have to admit! The house is smelling after chocolate croissant and my mom is all around me, looking at me like a scientist looking to his experience. They force me to sit down.
- What’s the problem with you, lambkin?
My father is not capable to call me “daughter”.
- I’m ok… Tanya’s dad is, well, dead.
The room is silent, my mother seems to be thinking what to say.
- Oh, that’s why you look so bad, are you sure you’re not sick, hon? A cup of tea and my croissant will make you feel better, I’m telling you, you just eat rubbish, you never cook, you always eat fast food , things are changing, a nice meal in family is a rare thing nowadays…
And my mom keeps talking, my dad looks at me, he looks tired. See, that’s the effect my mom causes. She loves to complain, but at the same time she loves to pretend everything is fine, and everybody is happy and the world is colorful and that sort of thing. I mean, my roomie’s father dies and she is not capable to say: “Oh, that’s bad” or “how is Tanya doing? Send my regards” She is totally insensitive. But, if you think so… I’m a monster, but my father isn’t. YES! I bet my mother is a monster, that explains everything!! But, as I was saying, she doesn’t care about how Tanya is feeling. But, come to think of it, I didn’t know I cared that much.

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Blogger Marina disse...

futuro best-seller. e isso é um comentário. tchau.

10 de novembro de 2008 23:44  
Blogger Paula Bombardelli disse...

nossa, to boba.
isso pode virar um seriado, sei la, hehe

17 de janeiro de 2009 23:46  

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