Dancing on the kitchen tiles

segunda-feira, 27 de outubro de 2008

Trechos esquisitos

"This is my journal, it is full of sepia memoirs, do not look inside cause you may find, my world, my own world lost in time. People came and so they had gone away, are you sure you wanna stay?"

"Everything here looks unreal,
my heart sank in disappointment
lost friends and so.
lose friends to row
don't lose me in your way back home."

"sing along, even if there is no music. dance along, even if there is no rhythm. move along, even if you have no reason at all."

"i want the sunlight over my head, and i want it now.. now that i just can't stop defeating, i can't stop breathing and i can't get enough"

Não estou com vontade de postar coisas com sentido.
Agradeço desde já a compreensão.

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